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Cat Spray Stop Reviews

‘Cat Spray Stop' is an amazing program that promises to help you train your cat to stop spraying within just 7 days; without the use of enzyme or pheromone sprays, chemicals or drugs.

‘Cat Spray Stop' is the only strategic program around, using the TTS-method (Touch, Taste, Smell), to stop your cat spraying permanently.

The program engages your cats 3 most heightened senses to achieve lasting behavior change naturally.

Who Is The Creator?

Susan Westinghouse is a holistic veterinarian, but most importantly, she is a cat lady! In 2014, Susan almost became homeless because of her beloved cat, Whiskers.

Whiskers was brought to Susan by social workers and had been terribly abused by his drug addicted owners. He had endured unimaginable suffering and was incredibly frail.

Susan fell in love with the kindness in his eyes and just had to take Whiskers home with her. But little did Susan realize what a challenge she was in for.

Whiskers was traumatized and anxious, and every time she went out, he would spray everywhere. She would spend hours each day cleaning up after him, which became very stressful for her.

The situation worsened for Susan when her landlord visited one day after Whiskers had been even more anxious than usual.

Susan hadn't had time to clean up all the stains and smells yet, and her landlord was not impressed. He offered her an ultimatum – either she stopped the spraying, or she would need to find another place to live!

So, Susy decided to seek out some expert advice. She was desperate. So, she got in contact with a cat behaviorist who had developed an incredible way to end even the most problematic cat's spraying habit.

It was called the TTS-method, or the Touch, Taste, Smell method. The method focused on the 3 most heightened senses of the cat, to train them in a natural way to stop spraying for good.

Susan tried the method on Whiskers and was amazed at how quickly it worked. She felt as though she had found a special way to communicate with him and within days, he had stopped spraying completely!

Susan wondered if this method might actually work on all cats, so she began sharing it with other frustrated cat owners who came into her clinic.

She was amazed to find that every one of them reported that the method had worked, and it never took longer than 7 days to see results.

So, Susan decided to start sharing the information with fellow cat people all over America. She designed a strategic program and called it, “Cat Spray Stop.”

What Is Included In The Program?

When you purchase ‘Cat Spray Stop' you will be guided by Susan step-by-step on a path of action to stop your cat's spraying habit for good.

Included in the program are:

  • 3 behavior tricks to instantly stop your cat spraying today, even if no other treatment has worked
  • The warning signs that your cat's problem is actually being caused by a health problem
  • The reason your cat sprays in the same spot and how to make her stop immediately
  • The all natural stain remover you can make yourself for less than a dollar
  • The litter box magnet that will have your cat peeing in her potty and nowhere else
  • The easy checklist to pinpoint the best place for your cat's litter box

…and much more!

How Does It Work? Is It A Scam?

The ‘Cat Spray Stop' program is based on the TTS-method (Touch, Taste, Smell). This method engages the cat's 3 highly developed senses, enabling the owner with ways to teach the cat to stop spraying naturally and achieve lasting results without having to resort to nasty chemical sprays or drugging the cat.

The method works with cat-specific behavior, and your cat will think it's a fun game while you are in fact changing her habits and ending her spraying habit for good.

When you purchase ‘Cat Spray Stop,' you will receive access to the entire program. You will also be given ongoing support.

Susan offers customers her email address and the opportunity to ask her any questions or discuss any concerns cat owners may have.

The vast amount of testimonials on social media can leave you assured that ‘Cat Spray Stop' is not a scam.

Susan is very clear on her website about offering her 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with ‘Cat Spray Stop' within that time, she will refund your money in full, no questions asked.

List Of Pros

  1. No sprays or harmful chemicals
  2. No drugs or pheromones
  3. Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions
  4. Interesting & fun guide
  5. Inexpensive
  6. Money-back guarantee for 60 days after purchase

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Cat Spray Stop?

Male or female, neutered or un-neutered, literally every cat with a spraying problem is the perfect candidate for Cat Spray Stop.

Even if your cat has been in the habit of spraying for years and you've tried almost everything there is to make her stop, this program is unlike anything else on the market and is worth a try for problem cats of any level.

Does The Program Work?

Cat Spray Stop has proven to deliver positive results over and over again, and many cat owners have offered testimonials sharing their success stories.

This is a method that really works, and with a money-back guarantee on offer, there is nothing to lose except your cat's spraying habit!


‘Cat Spray Stop' is without a doubt a one of a kind program. With its proven results, affordable price, amazing customer feedback and a money-back guarantee, there is no reason not to try this incredible product.

The fact that the TTS-method is a completely natural, non-harmful way of ending your cat's spraying habit is the perfect incentive to putting this program at the top of the list, ahead of such products as enzyme sprays or anxiety drugs for your cat. ‘Cat Spray Stop' is the answer you've been looking for!