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Dugi Guides Reviews

This is a series of warcraft games that are created ideally to offer game lovers a chance to refresh and get creative in playing the games.

Hosted under the website the website has been offering the gamers a variety of games that are more related to Warcraft ideas through a subscription package.

This is despite the fact that it initially started off as a free offer but subscription was introduced after massive response by gamers and the need to upgrade and create content that is more desirable.

Who is the author/creator?

Having been an ardent fan of gaming, Dave Farrell a 34 year old father of three is the creator of the Dugi Guides. His creation was started in 2005 and registered as Dugi Guides Ltd.

The company has its base in Christchurch of New Zealand. His initial products had focuses for solo and casual gamers and proved to be a great success.

At the time the games were available free of cost and this he created on his own.

However, owing to its popularity, the need for better performing products arose and as well, the need for additional hands to ensure the company is able to meet the growing demand.

The team is comprised of professional in various parts of internet gaming that includes game developers, programmers, technical and marketing support among others.

What is included in the program?

The ultimate WOW guide comes with a variety of add-ons that enables the gamer to access and play the various games provided as per the select package.

This is alongside the various gaming applications that allow you to access the gaming site. Through these add-ons, the gamer also gains guidance on selection of targets and the paths to follow.

The Dugi Guide also allows the player to create own characters and as well enable the use of already existing characters for a fee.

How does it work?

The story on warcraft games is based on a continuous storyline on which the game is developed. As such upon starting the game, the character chosen by the player undertakes various missions through which there are gains in form of powers and abilities to explore new areas.

Other hand playing individual exploration, the players also find a chance to interact with other players within the same faction and play together.

The game is packed in quests and it is upon successful completion of a quest that the gamer character is rewarded with game money, power and other gifts as per the mission undertaken and the rate of success acquired.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

The ideal candidate to join in this game is not defined. However owing to the fact that the game plot is complex, it is not ideal for young children.

The missions through which the character undertakes also cupped with violence and other adult content hence making the game to be a perverse for the youngsters who are bound to embrace such actions as they are still in formative years.


  • The game is a continuous series and as such not boring as there are new encounters at every time of play.
  • Through the game, the player can interact with other players within the same faction and in this way ability to engage in competitive quest thereby gaining more rewards.
  • Subscription to the game is easy through an online platform and in this way; players can easily access game cards or make their subscriptions through credit cards for a limited time of play.
  • The game is also engaging and with a clear story line factors that make it more interesting to play. Though this is work of fiction, the player gets a chance to use their creativity and in such a way relaxing the mind.
  • The apps that come with Dugi Guide enables the game applications to run much faster and this ensure that the game is played with ease.


Does the product work?

The game is real. This is evident from the where the subscription to the game is done as well a free trial for new user.

On the site, there are reviews from existing players who attest to the fact they have played the game and really enjoyed it.

Owing to the fact that the guides are created by a lifetime gamer who has the whole experience of the game. With a team of Dugi Guides, dedicating their time to creation of guides full time.

They are able to incorporate any development that may be made on the game as well as trying and creating new strategies to make the game much easier.

This ensures that once subscribed to the guide, regular updates are always available and this ensures that players are always in a better position to play the game.


Dugi guides create an ideal platform for players to gain insight on how to play games. Though they are tailored for individual support, the program is designed on the overall basis of the game.

However, in instances where the user might encounter difficulties, a help platform is available.

This is provided by the leader of the Dugi guides development team that is available through the company’s website

Any issue raised is responded to pretty fast with a time not exceeding 24 hours. In such a way, you do not have to lose out on your experiences for the game owing to uncertainties.