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Secrets To Dog Training Reviews

Secrets To Dog Training is a product designed to teach all dog owners about how they can train their dogs to get rid of those nasty dog behaviors; be it barking all night, fighting other dogs or tearing your shoes to shreds.

The practical guide will walk you through how to efficiently train your dog, what you have to do when the dog acts in a certain way.

The methods mentioned in this book are the very ones used by professional dog trainers to make their dogs become perfectly behaved creatures. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to share in these expert tips if you wish to make your canine friend even more friendly and better behaved, both to you as well as your guests.


This book has been written by Daniel Stevens.

Stevens is also an author of several other non-fiction books. Some of them include: 5-Dog-Training-Myths as well as Sit-Stay-Fetch: Dog-Training-To-Stop-Your-Dog-Behavior-Problems

What Is Included In The Program?

This fabulous creation contains valuable resources to help you in your course of correcting your dog's behavior.

It contains extra books as well as audio books and a video course to further enhance your understanding of the subject matter.

The inclusion of audio books and a video course makes it is a great resource for all kinds of learners. Whether you are a visual or audio learners, this product has you covered.

Included in this product are:

  • Secrets-To-Dog-Training which is the main book costing $67
  • Secrets-To-Dog-Training which comes as a video program costing $97
  • Unlimited-Online-Consultations available for members areas at $197
  • Secrets-To-Becoming-The-Alpha-Dog at $20
  • Secrets-To-Dog-Training, an audio book at $67
  • Other bonus books at $90

How It Works

This product is a worthy buy for dog owners who’re facing problems of bad behavior among their dogs and want to solve those problems using proven methods.

Even more reassuring is the fact that the tips and tricks discussed herein have helped hundreds of thousands of dog owners from different parts of the world.

A quick peek of the book reveals the following lessons;

Understanding Your Dog – Here, you learn different dog behaviors and why your dog behaves in a particular way. You’ll gain valuable insights and even if you have been keeping dogs for a better part of your life, you’ll be surprised at how many things you didn't know about your dog(s).

The key to solving any problem is to first understand the type of problem you are dealing with. This helps you to approach your problem from different angles, giving you different ways to solve the particular problem. So through a thorough understanding of your dog, you will gain enough knowledge on correcting the specific undesired behavior.

Caring For Your Dog's Well-Being – Dogs, like human beings, need to feel the love and care of their close friends (owners).

This is instrumental in ensuring they are well-behaved. In this case, if you take good care of your dog, then it will also return the favor by being obedient and well-behaved. On the contrary, when you don’t care about it, then you can forget everything about your dog behaving well and obeying you.

In this part, you are carefully taken through ways you can ensure you take appropriate care for your canine friend. What to give and what not to give to your dog, how to react or act to your dog's behavior and much more are some of the lessons covered here.

Training Your Dog

Now, this is where the real meat of the guide consists. In this section, you will be walked through various ways on how to train your dog to be a well behaved pet. Whether it is barking all night long, chewing your mattress, peeing on couches, or any other undesirable behavior, this section covers it all.

You will be introduced to different techniques used by professional dog trainers to keep their dogs docile, well-mannered and under control. Also, the book contains over 100 illustrations to help understand properly the techniques that are being talked about.

Advantages of this product

This ingenious creation from Daniel Stevens has numerous advantages including;

  1. Teaching dog owners how to get rid of bad behaviors of dogs.
  2. Helping dog owners understand their dogs better.
  3. Offering practical lessons on how to take good care of their dogs.
  4. Scientifically-backed and proven techniques to help shape and change your dog's behavior.
  5. Audio books and video courses to further enhance your understanding of the subject in hand.

Who Is This Product For?

This product has been designed for all dog owners who are having trouble controlling the behaviors of their dogs. And as already been mentioned, these undesirable behavior range from peeing on your couch, pooping all over your house, chewing your mattress, or fighting with your neighbor’s dogs.

This book can also be useful to other dog trainers in different sectors such as those in the security forces who need to train their dogs for different purposes. These purposes may include searching for victims of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, landslides etc.

Also, the guide can be used for drug detection in airports and other checkpoints to help fight the problem of drug smuggling.

Overall, this product is very useful to many people with varying needs even those who simply need the company of man’s best friend.

Does It Work?

Normally, we use different criteria as a yardstick to measure the success of a particular product. Looking into the following criteria, we can carefully gauge if this product really works.

Demand – High demand literally means that the product is really useful and has helped people achieve desired results. Likewise, this product has been in high demand since its launch. This serves as a definite proof that the product works well in achieving designated goals.

Ease of use -An easy-to-use product means that it can help anyone and everyone. This product is fairly easy to use for all types of learners (visual, auditory etc). This has made it a popular choice for many people.

Currently, over 300000 people are using the product and nearly all of them are reporting positive results from the first two weeks of using this product.


Good products have to guarantee results to their customers and this one is no different at all.
The creator of this product claims that if you won’t be satisfied with it, then you are free to ask back for your money.

With the many positive feedback received, it is clear that the product delivers on its claims. Even better is the fact that the tips and tricks in the guide are what professional dog trainers use out there. For these and more reasons, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.