Simple Senior Swing Reviews

Looking to buy Simple Senior Swing by Alex Fortey? Read unbiased review to find out if it's good or bad? Is it a total scam?

Oh, to be young again. The strength, the drive, and even the subsequent confidence derived from youthful age is something that is often taken for granted when people have it, but once they lose it, it's something they long for daily.

There is arguably nowhere the decline in these categories shows up more than in recreational sports and activities. Not being able to run as fast, jump as high, and perform feats of strength as well, all obviously contribute to significantly worse performance.

Simple Senior Swing Reviews

In most instances there is not much that can be done, humans just cannot defeat father time. However, for the aging golfers out there, it seems there may be a solution.

Simple Senior Swing boasts a system that they state can add up to sixty yards to a senior golfer's existing drive. They market it as simplistic, no need to completely rebuild your swing or spend hundreds on equipment.

Their target market is seniors and they claim that aging golfers will not only be able to compete with younger players, but also be able to consistently outperform them with this method.

It all comes down to a player just incorporating their swing method. Taking all of this into account it's not hard to figure out why their company name is Simple Senior Swing, because that's what it is, a simple optimal swing for seniors.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The creator and founder of Simple Senior Swing, Alex Fortey, puts a reputable name on this company and product. He has been in the business of golf advice prior to Simple Senior Swing and even launched one of the biggest golf instructor sites out there, Art of Simple Golf.

He prides himself on recommending a straightforward golf game without the flash and unsubstantiated processes that others often push. In addition, he uses his game as evidence as he boasts a powerful drive utilizing his own methods.

This founder is not just sitting behind a desk telling consumers what he believes will work, he is out on the course finding success and proving his methods with his 320+ yard drives.

What Is Included In The Program?

Thirty-nine dollars gets a consumer access to the entire program and all that Simple Senior Swing has to offer. The course features a variety of video content that can be accessed at home or on the go and at whatever pace the consumer prefers.

Six crucial elements of the Simple Senior Swing are discussed thoroughly in the videos and they provide simple steps on how to implement them.

On top of all of that, each transaction includes a sixty-day money back guarantee regardless of the consumer's reason for asking for the refund.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The Simple Senior Swing works by combining several easy to implement tips into one repeatable and consistent method.

It uses the kinetic chain to increase overall drive length allowing aging golfers to add a significant number of yards to their drive.

Shanks, skulls, and slices become a thing of the past with its clubface trick. There is a recommended posture change which can allow for the golfer to hit shots with greater accuracy.

Shaping shots becomes easy with the methods' advised micro-adjustments. It also teaches how a player can get their maximum drive with minimum effort, the best way to lag shots, a self-correcting grip, and how to use a player's own natural movement to their advantage.

All these tips and techniques come together to create a method that provides easily discernible results. As far as the legitimacy of the service, the consumer instantaneously receives access to the entire course once their payment is processed and again if they don't see the results can request to receive their money back within the first sixty days.


Often, when making a decision in life, especially when it comes to a product purchase, it is beneficial to take a look at the pros and cons. So, what are the pros of purchasing access to the Simple Senior Swing?

  1. The potential to greatly enhance the player's all-around golf game if the method works for them.
  2. Player can complete the course at their own pace.
  3. Consumer can access the content at home or on the go.
  4. Consumer receives ability to request a refund with their sixty-day money back guarantee offer.
  5. Thirty-nine-dollar price point is seemingly very affordable and cost effective when compared to other golf programs and equipment.

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Theoretically this method could benefit any and all golfers to varying degrees. However, the ideal consumer and target market for this product is senior golfers.

Those players that are looking for a solution to play like they used to, compete with younger golfers, or just to play their best in general.

The right consumer for this program also needs to be willing to learn and to incorporate new ideas into their existing game to see the most results.

Does The Program Work?

If the purchaser of the product meets the aforementioned ideal consumer criteria, based on the logic presented on the Simple Senior Swing website, this program will work for them.

There are several testimonials on the site from senior golfers who saw significant improvement in their game, quickly. These real-life success stories further validate Simple Senior Swing and its claims.


Overall when factoring in the affordable price, basically the cost of a round or two of golf, and with the reasoning presented on the site, it seems like a product that should be recommended.

Add in the sixty-day money back guarantee and the easy access to the course and this product should be highly recommended. Senior golfers will either see their games significantly enhanced or be able to get their money back.

The outcomes from this product are at best a hole-in-one and at worst a mulligan, so why not step up to the tee and take the shot?

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