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Superior Singing Method Reviews

Superior Singing Method is a vocal training course that will educate you techniques on how to become a great singer.

The program has a chain of fifty lessons that are subdivided into weekly modules such as Vocal Tone, Resonance and Power, Warm Ups, Pitch, Vocal Agility, Breath Management, Advanced Strengthening Techniques and Higher Notes.

Through these 50 lessons, you will be able to greatly improve your singing regardless of what singing background or level you might have.

The course promises to individuals how to greatly improve their singing voices within a period of only 60 days.

The Superior Singing Method program is 8 modules with each module concentrating on a particular section of vocal training.

Who is the author/creator?

Aaron Anastasi is the creator for the Superior Singing Method. He is a voice coach specialist who has vast experience in the music industry.

This is mainly due to the fact that he has worked with some of the great musicians in the music industry.

He specifically designed this program to assist you either transform your frog singing voice into an attractive and beautiful singing voice or improve your singing talent.

What is included in the program?

Besides the 8 modules that are included in the program, there are other supplemental contents that are included in the Superior Singing Method course.

Aaron has included a singing manual of 124 pages that comprehensively explains anything that you might wish to know concerning how to become a vocalist specialist.

This does not actually go into the commercial side of things however he talks about strengthening your singing voice and vocal techniques.

The different sections of the singing manual book include breath management, posture, resonance, nasality, vibrato, vocal health, vocal registers and intonation.

There are also great bonuses that are included in the program you register by signing up for this course. Module 9 and 10 that talks about performing and music marketing respectively are included in the program.

Another manual known as superior high notes is also included in the program. The superior high notes are 9 video lessons with 7 various exercises that someone can try and learn to master.

There is also a PDF manual included in the course for you to read.

Lastly, there is another bonus known as superior vibrato that is also included in the program. This is a 12 page manual that teaches you techniques on how to actually use a vibrato to improve your singing voice.

How does it work?

The Superior Singing Method works effectively when you perform exercises in order to make it assist you. In case you purchase the program and just sits down there in front of your computer then it will not work for you.

It will effectively work for you and allows you to begin singing faster like a professional if you purchase the course and carefully go through the different lessons in the module.

It has the great members-only section and useful videos that can help you learn how to market yourself as a gifted singer, interact or ask questions to the other members of the course.

The course is divided into 8 modules that are easy to follow and can help you learn very fast since each module or level targets a particular part of voice training.

Besides, Aaron performs the different vocal exercises just like anyone is supposed to do. He explains the different exercises comprehensively in order for you to begin performing them instantly without asking several questions.

The vocal exercises in the program are downloadable and therefore you can practice them anywhere ones you download them into your tablet or even laptop.

The course has a set for both male and female vocalists hence it is suitable for both men and women who would like to improve their singing talents or learn techniques on how to sing.

Men are normally required to warm up much longer compared to women vocalists since the male voices has wider varieties in their chest voices.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the product?

The Superior Singing Method program is ideal for anyone who cannot be able to sing at all even though he or she would like to sing.

It is also ideal for any individual who can naturally sing however would like to master his or her voice. The course is also suitable for any person who would like to learn how to perfectly hit high notes.

It is also ideal for an individual who would like to regulate his or her voice better as well as those who would like to have more vocal strength in order to project their voices.


  • It can be easily taken to any place you would want since its content can be viewed or stored in iPhone, laptop, tablet, MP3 player or iPod hence you do not need to restrict yourself at your home in order to practice.
  • Lessons are easy to understand as they are divided into 8 easy and simple modules.
  • There is no waiting time involved since it is an online program and therefore there is no shipping involved after making an order.
  • Has great members are that allows you to access singing tips, video lessons and have the opportunity to fully interact with Aaron himself and the other members of the community.
  • It is relatively affordable when compared to taking voice lessons that are very expensive.
  • Has a 60-day, 100 percent money back guarantee that enables you to be refunded your money if it does not work for you effectively.


Does The Product Work?

The Superior Singing Method course is a product that actually works. It requires total dedication, determination and continuous practice in order to realize its benefits.

You need to carry out regular exercises after purchasing the product since it is the only way that it will work for you.

You can always upload the different exercises onto your electronic gadgets such as laptop or tablets so that you can practice anywhere you go.

You can do the vocal exercises on your own and it will effectively work for you. Just watch the videos you have downloaded and they can help you learn greatly.


Generally, the Superior Singing Method is one of the greatest investments that you can put for your voice. Therefore, you need to consider purchasing this program if you would like to improve your voice.

Some of the lessons incorporated in this course will actually help you take your voice projection, pitch, vocal control and many more to the next level. It will help you ton out your voice effectively.