Brain Training for Dogs Reviews

Looking to buy Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli? Read unbiased review before you make purchase decision. Is it a total scam?

Brain training for dogs is a product that is designed to enhance your canine’s capabilities by making it even smarter.

According to Adrienne Farricelli, the author, this program benefits dogs in so many ways due to a few reasons. The first is that today’s dogs are often under stimulated and this leads to destructive behavior.

Brain Training for Dogs Reviews

The second is that training a dog how to reason out situations helps the actual training process to be a lot smoother.

A dog that is more intelligent picks up on things much faster. Additionally, a canine that is regularly mentally stimulated is found to be much healthier and happier.

This does make sense considering it is known that breeds of dogs considered to be very clever also tend to require a lot of physical and mental stimulation. So this product might prove to be useful.

The Brain training for dogs product is in the form of an e-book that contains the following: The Brain Training for Dogs e-book, a number of demonstrative videos, and a bonus book known as Behavior Training for Dogs. The retail price is $37.

The Author

A canine training program is best left in the hands of dog training experts. Adrienne Farricelli is among an elite group of true authorities in dog training.

She has worked with canines for over a decade and holds a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) certificate from the Council of Professional Dog Trainers.

Additionally, Adrienne is among the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants. This membership requires that you undergo over 200 hours of apprenticeship under an elite trainer.

Her credentials are further validated by her writings which have had the privilege of being featured in USA Today, Every Dog, Paw Nation, Nest Pets, Daily Puppy, among others.

What is inside the program?

Brain training for dogs is designed for all the different breeds, types, sizes, behaviors, and personalities of dogs.
The program is broken down into the following segments:

1. Course Resources
2. Getting Started
3. Obedience training 101
4. Polishing Up the Training
5. Brain Training
6. Closing Words

The brain training module is where the majority of the training is centered. It comes with detailed instructions and visual & written aids that will equip you with knowledge on how to handle your pet during the course.

Additionally, each training tactic comes with tips on how to tweak the situation in case your dog is not responding to that particular method.

Also, the training is not close-ended such that it limits you to specific techniques. The program comes with a variety of training routines such as behavioral, obedience, tricks & games, and basic commands.

The training program is categorized into different levels. Each level has it unique training procedure.

For instance, you will start your dog at the pre-school level, when you both complete the tasks and they pass the exam, you graduate to the next phase which is elementary training.

As such, the brain training for dogs program consists of the following levels:

  • Preschool
  • Elementary
  • High school
  • College
  • University
  • Graduation
  • Einstein

As previously mentioned, each level has a test at the end which you will undertake with your canine buddy. The program also provides you with an Exam Grad Level Chart that displays how your dog performed.

For instance, if they completed the task in less than 11 seconds, they would score an A. This chart gives you an idea of how your dog is fairing in training. Also, it allows you to decide whether the dog should re-take that course.

This is a huge benefit considering that if your dog failed a module in dog training school, you’d have to pay for them to repeat the course.

How Does Brain Training for Dogs Work?

This program, in a nutshell, aims to gradually increase your pet’s intelligence. This raises their awareness and ability to think through and solve issues.

This is useful in a lot of ways. As earlier mentioned, dogs with sharper intellects are easier to train. The exercises and games from the program will also be helpful when training them about other subjects. Additionally, dogs need as much mental stimulation as they require the physical.

A dog that is not well stimulated will get bored and may, at times, become destructive. Canines that get to exhaust their bodies and minds are generally better developed, in good health, and happier.

Also, as in the case of humans, physical and mental health tend to go hand in hand, if you are mentally healthy, chances are you are physically healthy as well.

Moreover, this program incorporates games that make the training fun for both you and your dog. The games strengthen the bond between you and the canine which makes the training far much easier as the dog is more willing to learn when they know they can trust you.

To reiterate, the Brain training for Dogs program enables your dog to be more receptive to other forms of training. It develops them mentally as well as physically while having a lot of fun while you are at it.

Brain Training for Dogs Pros

  • The training techniques are kind, science-based and force-free
  • The causal link between brain-boosting games and dog behavior will inspire the both of you to learn even more.
  • The program’s creator, Adrienne Farricelli, is a certified expert in canine behavior.
  • The program is easy to understand and incorporate even for those green in dog training.
  • The program is designed to be fun, involving, and progressively challenging.
  • Its training methods encourage bonding, trust, and mental stimulation.

Who is the ideal candidate for this program?

The Brain training for Dogs program is ideal for any person that has a canine friend.

Regardless of your dog’s previous training, the exercises and routines in this program will stimulate their brains and make them smarter, calm, and strengthen the bond between the canine and its owner even further.

Brain Training for Dogs is a must-have for every dog owner. Throughout the book, you can feel the love and enthusiasm Adrienne has for canines.

Playing games that mentally and physically stimulate your dog as well as having fun while at it is a great way of teaching your dog new tricks. It also strengthens the bond between you two.

Additionally, the book is easy to understand as everything is well explained as well as having videos.

The bonus copy: Behavior training for dogs will come in handy when treating your dog’s behavioral problems. $37 is too small a price to pay if you ask me.

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